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4 Benefits of Choosing Six Month Smiles for Straighter Teeth

4 Benefits of Choosing Six Month Smiles for Straighter Teeth

Every time you go out, do you feel self-conscious of your crooked and misaligned teeth? Do you wish to magically have a straight smile without any crooked teeth? Six Month Smiles in Spanaway, WA is a clear braces system that gives you a straight smile by aligning your front visible teeth in just six months. The system uses clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires instead of the traditional metal one. As such, they are not easily noticeable, ensuring that you do not have to worry about your image.

Let us discuss 4 reasons why six month smiles are the best option for improving the aesthetics of your smile:

  • Transform your smile faster
    Treating your crooked and misaligned smile with traditional braces can take up to two years. If you’ve got an upcoming event that you are really looking forward to, you might be hoping for quick results. One of the biggest advantages of Six Month Smiles is that treatment typically takes about six months. It’s important to note that this treatment doesn’t take less time because it’s moving your teeth at a faster pace; it’s quicker because it’s only straightening your front teeth. The benefit of this is that you can feel confident when you smile for photos and while you’re having conversations because it straightens all the visible teeth in your mouth.

  • No visible metal brackets and wires
    Six Month Smiles braces system is less noticeable and cumbersome than traditional metallic braces. They utilize tooth-colored wires and clear brackets that blend with the natural color of your teeth. If you’re an adult that never got the opportunity to get braces when you were in middle or high school, this is a great option for you! You can maintain a professional image while getting a straighter smile.

  • Cost-effective option for aesthetic results
    Because this braces system can treat you in such a short time-span, it typically costs less than other orthodontic treatments. However, you should remember that six months smile in Spanaway, WA is only for aesthetic purpose. If you have severe alignment problems, you dentist will provide you a comprehensive braces treatment.

  • Encourages better oral health
    When you think about the benefits of getting a straighter smile, the first thing that makes you excited is probably that your self-confidence will boost. However, this isn’t the only benefit! By aligning your teeth, you can also improve your oral health. If your teeth are crooked, it creates many corners and nooks where plaque and food debris can accumulate. When these build up, it can cause oral health issues like gum disease and dental decay. With straighter teeth, it’ll be easier to clean them because there are fewer places for bacteria and plaque to hide.

If you’re on a time crunch and want a straight smile that you will love to flaunt, Six Month Smiles is the treatment for you. Contact us at Pacific NW Dental Center for the best dentist for six month smiles in Spanaway, WA. Start your journey to a beautiful smile today!