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Cost of Dental Implants
November 08, 2020  |  Dental Implants

Cost of Dental Implants

Going through this blog will let you know about the price to be paid for getting implants. Though implants are considered to be one of the best teeth replacement options, people often hesitate to get them due to their price. It is due to this reason that Pacific NW Dental Center decided to break all such misconceptions and enable you to look at the entire process from a different perspective. Give the section below an attentive minute without wasting any more time.

Are you aware of what dental implants actually are? Well, they can be defined to be a boon in the field of modern dentistry which is inserted into your jawbone to provide both support and stability to the crown or any other prosthesis. These replacement teeth roots can seem to be very expensive in the beginning but they ultimately turn out to be very economical in the long run. If you are wondering why this is to let you know that all the other teeth replacement options such as dentures and crowns need to be either replaced or repaired after a span of 5-10 years. This is never the case with dental implants. Now, the work of repair or replacement cannot be done without spending money. If you add the amount to be spent in these activities over a period of time, the sum will definitely surpass the cost of dental implants. Moreover, dental implants also play a vital role in preventing your jawbone from any further deterioration. So never think of implants to be too expensive. Compromising should be never entertained when it comes to your health. 

It is advisable to consult a dentist if you have any other confusion regarding dental implants. An in-person conversation will provide an expert answer to your questions. The dentist will also impart knowledge about the complications of getting dental implants.

Price of Dental Implants

The first thing you need to know about the cost of dental implants is it varies from one person to another on the basis of their requirements. Some of the factors which determine the cost of dental implants are - the cost of living of the area where the dental clinic is located, products used, money charged by the dentist (depends on his/her expertise and experience), the complexity of the situation, the amount of work to be done, etc. The average cost of one dental implant at a reliable dental clinic will be somewhere around $1500 to $2000 or more. Some of the patients require more than one dental implant to resolve the situation. If you fall into this group, the cost will increase accordingly.

The additional costs related to the process of getting dental implants are also being mentioned in the pointers below:

  • The price of getting the crown - the part visible inside the mouth

  • The abutment - the part which connects the implant to the prosthesis

  • The money spent on booking appointments at the dental clinic

  • The care to be taken before the surgery

  • Special care to be taken after the surgery. 

If we add the above-mentioned costs, the amount will round-up to somewhere around $3000 - $4800 or more per implant. Never be afraid after knowing the price to be paid for implants. Nowadays, most dental insurance companies bear a major portion of the price to be paid for dental implants. Visiting a dental clinic will make you aware of the detailed process of getting dental implants.

In case you are looking for the best dental implant treatment in Spanaway, WA, contact Pacific NW Dental Center. We also offer a wide array of dental treatments under the same roof at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Do not keep your dental problems at bay and schedule your appointment.