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3 Foods That Cause Tooth Discoloration
April 16, 2019  |  Blog

3 Foods That Cause Tooth Discoloration

Are you doing a good job of taking care of your teeth but still wondering why they sometimes look a little bit discolored? It could actually be the foods you’re eating! You may know that tea and coffee can cause stains, but certain foods also have staining properties, which can leave your teeth looking not as pearly white. Here are three big culprits to watch out for:


Berries like blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, and raspberries are highly pigmented (you may hear this referred to as being full of chromogens) and high in tannins, which can lead to discoloration. This applies to berries in all forms, be it juice, jam, or eaten whole. If you’re snacking on berries or something with berries, you can drink some water or at least rinse your mouth with water afterward.


If you’ve ever worked with curry powder, then you’re probably familiar with the yellow stains that it can leave on your fingers. Curry has quite a lot of pigment, which means that dishes with it can leave your teeth with stains. Try loading up your curry with plenty of vegetables to help combat this effect.

Tomato Sauce

Have you ever left some food with tomato sauce in a plastic container, only to find a reddish-orange tint left on the plastic once you take the food out? Prone to leaving stains, tomato sauce is another food that can cause tooth discoloration. Pairing your tomato sauce dish with a nice salad of healthy greens is a good bet.

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