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Improve Your Child’s Oral Health With Fluoride Treatments
November 08, 2021  |  Child's Oral Health, Pediatric Dentistry

Improve Your Child’s Oral Health With Fluoride Treatments

Healthy gums and teeth are vital to your child's health. That is why your dentist will discuss with you about maintaining good dental habits even before your child's first tooth appears. Fluoride helps in preventing cavities and helps in building strong teeth as it is a natural mineral. For decades it has been the most common & essential oral health treatment. Fluoride fights bacteria and keeps the tooth enamel healthy. The outer layer of the tooth has to remain protected for this Fluoride is extremely helpful if your child is at higher risk of developing cavities. Children from the age of 3 with tooth decay or those at great risk of developing it must be offered Fluoride treatment twice a year.  

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride Treatment is a dental treatment that can help get rid of tooth decay, slow it down, or stop it from getting more critical. Fluoride is a mineral that can restore tooth enamel, the outer coating on teeth. 

Is Fluoride Treatment Safe?

Treating the cavities is necessary, but preventing cavities is most helpful. That’s where fluoride comes into the picture. Fluoride treatment is practiced by our children's dentists to help in preventing tooth decay in your child. Only a little amount of fluoride is used, and barely it is consumed. The process is so quick that as soon as it is applied it hardens, then it is brushed off after 5 to 12 hours. 

How are Fluoride Treatments Applied?

Fluoride can be applied to your teeth in several ways: by mouthwash, varnish, or gel. Your dentist will let the fluoride set for a while before eating or drinking, or, the treatment won’t have much time to work. It is advised that children must take a fluoride treatment every 6 monthsFluoride treatments are exceptionally efficient, particularly in children. Research shows that kids who receive fluoride treatments are 50% less prone to develop cavities, and adults who drink fluoridated water are 50-70% less likely to experience tooth decay. Using fluoridated toothpaste at home can further strengthen your teeth, but children above a certain age who can spit the toothpaste are prescribed to use the fluoride toothpaste for better cleaning of their teeth. 

Different Types of Fluoride Treatments

There are several potential ways you can help your child get the fluoride:
  • by using fluoridated tap water for drinking over the bottled water 
  • by choosing kinds of toothpaste that contain fluoride in the proper amount & are ADA-approved.
  • by encouraging your child to use mouthwash, which carries low levels of fluoride, or prescription mouthwash from your dentist if at high risk of developing dental cavities
  • Also, there are prescribed fluoride liquids or tablets available.

Saves Money With Fluoride Treatment 

Using fluoride keeps the enamel on your child’s teeth at low risk of developing cavities & strong. Also, fluoride helps to shield the primary teeth and control bacterial growth. All these things together reduce the possibility of needing restorative dental procedures for your child. Additionally, it decreases the need for you to pay for those expensive dental treatments. Some parents fear fluoride treatment for the oral health of their kids, there is nothing to fear. Fluoride is not a medication, rather, it is a naturally found mineral from the earth’s crust. Fluoride treatments for kids are a preventive measure taken to help maintain their teeth healthy and block enamel decay. If you’re concerned about the use of fluoride in your child’s treatment, you can discuss it with your dentist. To get in touch with expert dental care staff and the team, you contact us online here.