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What Do Pediatric Dentists Do?
December 16, 2021  |  Pediatric Dentist

What Do Pediatric Dentists Do?

A pediatric dentist is a doctor who specializes in treating children from infancy through adolescence years with oral or dental health care. They treat children and teenagers with the mouth, teeth, & gum problems.

Oral health care should be given & taught to children at a very early age to babies who do not yet have their milk teeth.

Dental specialists always advise parents to provide oral care to their children from infancy when they have their first milk tooth. That is the best time, as per the dentists, for children to start their first dental visit. And for all of your child’s oral health care requirements, you should be seeking the professional help of a pediatric surgeon.

Common Pediatric Dental Conditions:

Gum Infection Treatment

Treatment of gum infection in our dental office located in Spanaway begins with a thorough oral checkup to specify the scope of the infection. Next, clean teeth to remove plaque, tartar formation and remove waste around the teeth. Some mild cases may require a unique mouthwash or toothpaste. Sometimes dentists apply the medicine to the gums. Our gum disease treatment also includes surgery if the damage to the soft tissues is severe.

Scaling & Root Planing

Our dentists perform scaling & root planing as the root of the teeth must be smooth to attach to the gum. Our dentists use scalers to clean the gum surface to remove all the debris and tartar. Next, the smoothened roots to reattach with the gum.

Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums and gauge the pockets to decide the best therapy for you to eradicate your gum disease. Getting the problem treated early is the best solution. 

What Is Pedodontics?

Pediatric dentistry is also called Pedodontics. So many kids nowadays are exposed to several tooth diseases & tooth decay is quite common. Milk teeth go away with time, but permanent teeth are the ones that need premium care. If oral hygiene is not taken care of, a child suffers from painful procedures and treatments. Pediatric dentists teach children the methods for brushing their teeth and taking care of them.

Pediatric dentists complete four years of dental school after their undergraduate program & a minimum of 2 years of dental training for patients from babyhood to late teens.

Get In Touch

If you have dental issues like gum infection, tartar build-up, or root planing, bleeding gums. Our dentists can make you understand what happens in gum disease treatment & why the procedure is beneficial for you & your kid. We offer the best periodontal therapy in Spanaway. Our professional dentists are always ready & more than happy to help you with pediatric treatment for you & your family. Besides pediatric dentistry, it is also essential to have home care hygiene. If you want to know how you can keep good dental hygiene, contact us to book an appointment or call us at (253) 461-1852, or you can visit our dental office in Spanaway.