Root Canal Therapy

One of the most debilitating experiences is the acute pain produced by an infected tooth. This intense discomfort is in a category all its own and demands immediate dental treatment. Not only does the tooth need to be treated to eliminate the pain, it is also a matter of protecting your general health. Neglecting an infected tooth can lead to a variety of serious problems.

If there is sufficient healthy structure, root canal therapy will salvage the tooth, eliminate the infection and alleviate the pain. When the nerve of a tooth has been compromised either by damage or decay it must be removed if the tooth is to remain intact. This process is done under anesthesia to manage the pain. All decay is removed from the tooth, then the nerve is removed from the root canal. Once the nerve is removed the area is completely cleaned out and sterilized. Next, a special filling called gutta-percha is placed in the canal and it is sealed off to prevent any contamination.

The tooth is then filled appropriately. Often a crown is used to give the tooth additional strength and protection because root canal therapy tends to cause the tooth to become brittle, since the nourishing properties of the nerve are no longer available.

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Too often, the root canal procedure is thought to be the cause of the pain experienced because of an infected tooth. The discomfort is actually a result of the nerve of the tooth dying and the ensuing swelling of tissues as the body tries to fight off the infection caused by bacteria. Root canal therapy cleans away diseased tissue and removes the nerve, thus eliminating the discomfort.

At Pacific NW Dental Center, we understand the discomfort caused by infected teeth. We provide a calm and soothing atmosphere in which to eliminate the problem with care and consideration. For painless root canal therapy in a relaxing environment, contact us. We will have you feeling better fast.