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False teeth have been around as early as 700 B.C. At that time and up until the 1800s, they were made of human or animal teeth. Ivory dentures were very popular in the 1700s. The most famous set of dentures are mostly likely those of President George Washington. Popular legend says that his dentures were made of wood, when in fact he had a few different sets made out of either ivory or metal and set with human and parts of animal teeth. Fortunately, dentures have come a long way since those days. Made out of acrylic or plastic resins, today’s dentures are aesthetically pleasing to look at and very comfortable to wear. As part of our dental treatments at Pacific NW Dental Center, we craft well-fitting prosthetics that will bring a smile to your face.


Full/Complete Dentures

Losing your teeth can be devastating on several levels. It doesn’t matter if the loss was due to gum disease, decay or injury, it can affect your health, speech, self-esteem and social life among other things. When all the teeth are missing on your upper or lower jaw, you are a candidate for full or complete dentures. This appliance will give necessary support to your facial muscles and restore your ability to eat normally and speak correctly. You will also find that you look younger.

Partial Dentures

When only a few teeth are missing, often a partial denture is made. The base of the partial can be made out of acrylic, or metal. Porcelain or acrylic teeth fill in where natural teeth used to be. Partial dentures are often made to accommodate missing back teeth or molars although they can be used to fill in any areas where teeth are absent.

Having teeth to chew your food efficiently and speak normally is vital. No less vital is having the self-confidence that comes from knowing you are at your best. At Pacific NW Dental Center, we will help you get back the confidence that comes with a bright, beautiful smile. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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Dentures   •   October 12, 2020

Get Your Confident Smile Back With Dentures!

Dentures also called false teeth are attached to act as prosthesis for missing teeth. This procedure comes under Restorative Dentistry.  Sometimes dentures are built to replace some missing teeth while other types of dentures are formed to replace all of your teeth, gums, and even surrounding tissues. They’re usually built of acrylic, nylon, or metal. […]

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