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Emergency Dentistry In Spanaway, Wa

Severe tooth pain can strike when you least expect it. Your mouth can sustain trauma unexpectedly. When you have a dental emergency, call Pacific NW Dental Center for compassionate, patient-centered dental treatment. We will attend to your dental emergency in the way that only a dental office can – with the right professionals, the appropriate treatments and the expertise required to resolve the problem and alleviate the pain.

Many people go to the hospital emergency room when they have a dental issue. They are unaware that the hospital staff will most likely give them pain medication and tell them to see a dentist as soon as possible. Hospital emergency rooms are seldom equipped or staffed to adequately handle dental issues. Fortunately, Pacific NW Dental Center is here to help when you or a loved one has an immediate dental issue that requires attention.


Urgent Dental Care

Not every dental emergency involves pain or trauma. Occasionally there may be an urgent need that requires the attention of a dentist such as a broken denture or loose crown. We are here to solve the problem that has you in distress.

Your urgent dental need may be a matter of inconvenience, such as a broken dental appliance like a denture or partial. It could also be something traumatic like an abscess or a tooth that has been knocked out. Either way, you can trust the professionals at Pacific NW Dental Center to handle your emergency with care and compassion.

When you call for your appointment, please give us all the details of your emergency. This will help us assess the situation in the event that there may be some home care you can provide until the dentist sees you. If you are not sure if your situation requires immediate care, call us and we will help you decide. Remember, the best place to receive adequate care for a dental emergency is in the dental office. Contact Pacific NW Dental Center right away when you require emergency dental care.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs

How can I get an appointment when I am having a dental emergency?

It’s simple! As soon as a dental injury occurs or tooth pain arises, call our office right away. We’ll get you in to see us the same day you call for emergency dental treatment.

What should I expect for a dental emergency visit?

We’ll take you back to a private treatment room as soon as you walk through the door. Then, our team will assess your dental problem, go over our recommended treatment plan, provide a cost breakdown of your visit, and get started. We understand that emergency visits can be scary. We aim to make your emergency trip as quick and stress-free as possible.

Is emergency dentistry covered by insurance?

It depends! Each insurance provider handles emergency treatments differently. Some cover urgent dental care while others do not. At your visit, we’ll be able to look into your insurance coverage. If you have a dental emergency and you aren’t covered, don’t stress! We offer a variety of financial options to help you get the urgent care you need without breaking the bank.

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