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Relax in the Dentist’s Chair with IV Sedation in Spanaway, WA

Sedation dentistry is an effective solution to overcome fear and anxiety. IV or Intravenous Sedation is a highly controllable form of sedation used for dental treatment at Pacific NW Dental Center. Dr. Lee administers IV sedation to help patients get dental treatment comfortably and save time. IV Sedation is an excellent choice for patients who have dental phobia or fear and can help them undergo complex and extensive dental treatments with ease.

IV offers greater predictability and control as compared to other sedation options. It is safe as the dosage can be controlled according to the patient’s age, weight and other health specifics. It's also one of the most preferred & an excellent choice for patients needing surgical dental treatments.


What is the Effect of IV Sedation?

Dr. Lee carefully administers the required amount of sedation into the patient’s blood stream. This puts them to a near-sleep state. Patients generally remember little or nothing about the dental procedure. Most people feel like they were asleep during the treatment. This is mainly because most people feel very relaxed and calm due to the sedation. But that’s not all. This is also because the sedation causes memory loss as a side effect – which ceases once the sedation wears off. While patients may feel unconscious, they can still respond to the dentist and cooperate with them.


How is IV Sedation Administered?

IV sedation is administered to the bloodstream through a narrow plastic tube in a vein that is close to the skin and easily accessible – generally at the back of the hand or near the bend in your arm. The tube will remain inserted throughout the procedure and sedative will be administered as per the requirement. Our expert team will ensure that the process of IV administration is painless and worry-free.


After the Procedure

Once the procedure is over, our team will check your pulse and oxygen levels. Following that, Dr. Lee will administer a reversal medicine if required to bring you out of the sedated state. Patients may feel disoriented for a few minutes. As you recover, our team will monitor your blood pressure at short intervals to ensure safety. It is not recommended to drive for the next few hours. As such, patients are advised to pre-plan their ride back home.

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If you suffer from dental fear or phobia at the tough of going to the dentist, or if you need to undergo extensive dental surgery; IV sedation in Spanaway, WA is a safe and excellent choice. For more information on this and other sedative techniques offered by Pacific NW Dental Center, please schedule a consultation with our dentist.

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