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Are Dental Treatments Tax Deductible?
January 22, 2020  |  Blog

Are Dental Treatments Tax Deductible?

Tax deductions may reduce how much you pay the IRS or help you receive a higher return. You may claim road tolls, your health expenses, and various other deductions. However, it’s vital to know what you can legally claim to avoid complications in the future. At Pacific NW Dental Center, serving Spanaway, WA and the nearby region, our patient dedication doesn’t stop with our care. We provide patient education to assist you in any way we can – including with your taxes.

Payments to Our Office

You may claim the payments you make to our office for your non-routine services. Additionally, you can file the payments you make for your routine and emergency care. Keep in mind, if you have an outstanding balance, you may not file the remaining balance as a deduction. Only the money you pay toward your bill qualifies.

Preventative Services

The routine and preventative services you receive in our office are tax deductible. You may claim the expense of cleanings, exams, and even X-rays.

Non-Preventative & Emergency Services

The expense of both non-preventative and emergency dental services is tax deductible. For instance, if you broke a tooth and required a crown, you may deduct this cost. Additionally, you can file for the expense of non-preventative dental treatments, such as root canals and crowns. You may even file for the cost of braces, dental implants, and dentures.

Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures like veneers and teeth whitening aren’t eligible. These are elective procedures.

Who Qualifies

You may file the dental expenses for you or any of your eligible dependents. For instance, if you and your spouse file jointly, you may claim both of your dental costs. You can write off the dental expenses of your children as well. A majority of the care you receive in our office can be a tax write-off. Additionally, you may claim for the dental expenses of your spouse or dependent children. Therefore, not only can you and your family benefit from the dental care we provide, but it can also help you at tax time.

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