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What Goes On During A Dental Visit?

What Goes On During A Dental Visit?

Visiting the dentist in Spanaway, WA, once or twice a year is necessary if you wish to have healthier teeth, gums, and overall oral health. It should be a habit similar to that of brushing and flossing. Those who brush regularly, floss regularly, and go for frequent dental checkups have healthier teeth and gums. It also prevents the teeth from getting affected with plaque, tartar and gum disease, etc.

Regular Dental Checkup

Once you visit a dentist in Spanaway, they will ask for your medical history and note any medications you are presently taking. It would be best if you told the dentist about any diseases you have. The dentist will determine which of the procedures suits you the most. The dental professional will discuss in detail the condition of your teeth and overall oral health. They will then proceed for a careful and detailed oral examination. The dentist will then check each tooth one by one by using an explorer tool. The Spanaway dentist will check for any cavity, tooth decay, or signs of gum disease. Furthermore, they will also check for the parts such as crowns or fillings.

Dental X-Rays

At times, the dentist will have to find the underlying cause of a dental issue. During such instances, x-rays become a necessity. By taking the dental x-rays, the dentist in Spanaway will be better positioned to deliver a proper diagnosis of the affected tooth’s condition. The dentist will then tell you whether you need a tooth extraction or dental surgical procedures.

Communicate with the Dentist Effectively

It would be best to discuss the various dental issues you are facing while communicating with the Spanaway dentist in detail. You should explain the dental problems ever since the last checkup. It would help if you also let the dentist know about any concerns regarding the procedure or treatments. Thus, it helps create a good rapport between the dentist and the patient.

Oral Cancer Screening

The dentist will check your mouth for any signs of oral cancer. The mouth and the surrounding tissues will be checked for any discolorations, suspicious bumps, and lesions.

The dentist in Spanaway will ask you to consult a dental surgeon if they notice any abnormality in a particular area of the mouth. The oral surgeon will recommend a detailed biopsy for an in-depth analysis.