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Dental care   •   October 6, 2021

Oral Care Habit: Should I Brush Or Floss FIRST?

What are the two of the chief activities for maintaining a healthy oral regime? Obviously, brushing and flossing your teeth. But do you wonder if there is any specific order that you ought to maintain for your oral regimen? Well, some researches and latest studies say, ‘yes’! The study claims the fact that flossing before […]

Tooth Extraction   •   October 5, 2021

Wisdom Tooth Cavity – What Should I Do?

The majority of people probably had a cavity or two in their lifetime. Though they are preventable, cavities are yet extremely common. Cavities can attack you on any portion of your tooth and any of your teeth — which includes your wisdom teeth as well (if you have them). It’s pretty evident that wisdom teeth […]

Root Canal   •   September 30, 2021

Five Common Signs Of Root Canal Infection

A root canal infection is a very major oral issue. This usually takes place when bacteria fully cover the inner chamber of the teeth as a result of untreated dental decay. If you are suffering from a root canal infection, you should visit the dentist without further delay since the infection can spread very rapidly. […]

Teeth Sensitivity   •   September 13, 2021

Causes And Prevention Of Tooth Sensitivity

Cold food can make your sensitive teeth feel like a burning mess. We have listed some tips to make your mouth feel happy always. Whether it’s a big mug of iced tea or an ice cream cone, everyone has their favorite summer treat. This helps to keep them cool during the heat. When tooth sensitivity […]

Invisalign   •   August 26, 2021

Why should I get Invisalign?

Not happy with the alignment of your teeth? You can now resolve this issue and get the smile of your dreams by just undergoing orthodontic treatments. Invisalign is considered to be one of the most effective and popular orthodontic treatments in today’s time. It offers numerous benefits and yields great outcomes. Here at Pacific NW […]